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Idols vs Fans
  • MC: *speaks English/Spanish/Chinese/French*
  • Idols: *blinks* *nods blankly*
  • -After hearing Translations-
  • Idols: OHHHHHHH *claps and laughs like retarded seals*
  • Fans: *watches a totally unsubbed video in korean*
  • Fans: *doesn't understand a single shit*
  • Fans: *claps and laughs like a retarded seal anyways*
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Party in Kangson’s room (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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VIXX on Facebook.

In which Hakyeon is finally done with Taekwoon’s shit, the world is laughing at Wonsik, and Sanghyuk has discovered is inner betrayed king.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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These moments when Jongup is… Jongup 

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Shout out to all the female idols who have to perform and dance in heels and on their periods (and possibly with cramps) who have to keep a happy face on even if they feel like shit because they don’t want to get hate. Shout out to them doing all that and getting hate anyway but they can’t speak up for themselves because that’ll get them more hate.

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nom nom nom~

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2/ gifs of Youngjae being flawless 

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[FANACCOUNT] Bambam wanted to request Jackson to do a sexy pose/face at the concert but since he doesn’t know japanese well, he said “Let’s have sex” to Jackson (sekushishite: please do a sexy pose / sekushite: let’s have sextrans

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man i get so mad at this generations kpop industry like there are so many groups with so much potential but the shows are so boring!! bring back sesame player!!! bring back hello baby!!!!! bring back maknae rebellion!!!! bring back shin pd, oh! my school, and strong heart!!!!!! BRING BACK STAR DANCE BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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